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Imagine If Chipboard: 1.2mm Chipboard


Most of our Chipboard is original so you wont find our designs anywhere else!


Chipboard is amazing for providing your projects with 3D texture, its perfect for all types of crafts as they are eye catching and page filling, we use Chipboard on all of our Layouts. They’re also an easy way to start a page if you are struggling to design your layouts!

Chipboard is extremely absorbent and porous which makes it easy to colour, whilst still holding its structure.

Colouring Chipboard:

*We always recommend painting your Chipboard with a coat of White Gesso first, this way your colours stay vibrant and true!

Paint with your favourite colours! Acrylic paint works best but any paints will absorb into Chipboard!

Spray-  any coloured Sprays!

Stamping Inks or Distress Ink even oxides, can be applied to colour!

Distress Stain soaks into the chipboard nicely.

Embossing Powder holds very nicely on Chipboard and transforms plain chipboard designs to very vibrant centre pieces!

Other things to do to your Chipboard:


You can also put Chipboard through an Embossing Machine to give it more texture!

Texture Pastes sit nicely on chipboard, add colour for a very textured piece!