Finnabair Heavy Gesso 250ml

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Art Basics Heavy Gesso by Finnabair for Prima Marketing is an opaque, matte, and acrylic. This quick drying ground works on canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic and more. This gesso creates a smooth, non-yellowing, chalky background that's perfect for mixed media, art journaling, prepping canvases, and much more. - 250 ml 8.5fl oz

- Gesso is a great primer on most surfaces: including canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic, etc.

- It is great for covering and preparing a background for art mediums: it neutralizes colors on previously painted surfaces to provide a new painting base.

- It is permanent, semi-resistant, flexible after drying – it provides a non-soaking, workable surface with a nice tooth for applying colored mediums on the top.

- Works good with stencils, texture tools and palette knives to add texture and pattern to your projects.

- As Gesso will provide a slight resist to non-permanent color products you can get a full range of interesting art effect when used with stencils, inks, sprays and water based paints.

- White Heavy Gesso is great for mixing with acrylic paint to create a white-washed, colored gesso.