Leather Machine Needles

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Pack of six machine needles designed specifically for sewing leather. High quality, reliable needles to fit most domestic sewing machines.

The Leather needle has a cutting point for piercing leather, suedes and vinyl. It is often referred to as a chisel point needle as the point resembles and acts as a chisel in motion.

Along with our product photos, we have included a chart to aid in selecting the appropriate size and style of needle for your sewing needs. 

Point: Leather

Available Sizes:

Assorted 80-90
Assorted 100-110

Quantity: The Assorted 80-90 pack contains 2 x 80/12 and 4 x 90/14 sized needles.
The Assorted 100-110 pack contains 2 x 100/16 and 4 x 110/18 sized needles.
Suitable for most brands and models of home sewing machines. If in doubt please check the system numbers in your manual or ask us.

Klasse' needles are produced to the German GSN standard which are the highest needle production standards in the world.