Luxury Merino Crepe 8ply

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Crucci Luxury Merino Crepe 8ply is 100% Pure Merino Wool.

Soft and strong, this crepe textured wool is suitable for most knitting or crochet projects that require a fine quality merino yarn with durability and gentle washability.

A crepe yarn is a different way the wool is constructed or spun. Crepe yarns are 3-ply producing a rounded yarn that looks like a 2-ply yarn with another ply wrapped around it. What this means is that the yarn is soft and still strong which is particularly useful when using the finer wool breed fibres like merino.

Fibre content: 100% Merino wool

Texture: Crepe spun

Weight: 8ply / DK

Length: 100 metres per 50g ball

Gauge: 22 stitches and 30 rows per 10cm square swatch of stocking stitch using a 4mm needle

Recommended knitting needle: 4mm

Care: Gentle machine wash or hand wash if preferred, dry flat


Quantity estimates (approx.) - knitting in stocking stitch on recommended needles and subject to individual pattern:

One year old sweater - 4 balls

Ten year old sweater - 11 balls

Women's Medium size sweater - 16 balls

Men's Large size sweater - 23 balls

Small Throw/blanket approx. one metre square - 14 balls