Playcolour Metallic

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Instant Playcolor Metallic Solid Gouache Sets contain 6 x 10g sticks of metallic poster paint which can be used without water and held in the same way as crayons or chalk.

These sticks are clean and easy to use, and are ideal for schools and crafts. 2 different paint effects can be achieved with this Instant Playcolor Kids Metallic Solid Gouache Set: if you paint with light pressure it looks lke pastel, but stronger pressure produces rich, opaque colours. The colours dry within 2 minutes to form a flexibe film and because no water is involved there is no paper curl or paint cracking.  Can also be used with a waterbrush to creat water colour effects.

Instant Playcolor Kids Metallic Solid Gouache Sets are perfect for use on white and coloured papers, cardboard, wood etc. They are ideal for large images.

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