Textile Colourless Extender

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Textile Colorless Extender is a non-pigmented binder system that dries clear and acts a fabric medium. It has all the characteristics of Jacquard Textile Color: excellent permanence on fabric, superior flexibility that resists cracking and always exceptionally soft to the touch.

Textile Colorless Extender may be used for a number of different purposes:

Add to Textile Color to increase transparency and extend the mileage of the paint without affecting the viscosity or compromising its adhesive properties.
Diluting with extender instead of water also gives the color a more consistent and even distribution.
Use as a base for mixing custom colors from dispersed or powdered pigments such as Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments.
Modify artist or craft acrylics to improve washfastness and hold up to laundering better when applied to fabric.
Use as a protective topcoat on fabric to increase the washability and permanence of markers, colored pencils, dry pigments, marbling or other media not explicitly formulated for fabric.

2.25fl oz/66.54ml